How to Attract Positive Energy And Wealth in Your Home

Are you unable to pay your debts? Is your salary not enough for the month? Many people are facing financial concerns nowadays, which may result in a host of health and other problems. Many times, the financial troubles are caused by negative energy in your home. These bad vibes can cause numerous other problems as well, which is why you need to get rid of them in any way you can. Luckily, we have a few simple tips that can help you remove them and attract positive vibes and wealth.

Follow these steps to get rid of the bad vibes in just a few days:

Missing money

If you want to improve your financial situation, buy a light green candle and pour some honey, orange juice and a pinch of cinnamon on it. Now, light the candle, close your eyes and think of wealth – it will display in a form that you should use to make money.

Coins on the street

Whenever you see a coin on the street, pick it up. Not doing so means that you’re rejecting wealth, which comes in small things. Whenever you see a coin, stand next to it and say: “Money on the floor, money falling like hail” then pick it up and put it in your wallet.


Garlic should always be present in your home. Besides being added to food for flavor, it will prevent evil entities from entering your house and causing problems.


Put a small plate of sesame in a hidden part of your home to increase your chances of becoming wealthy. It is said that wearing sesame seeds with you always increases the chances of finding treasure.

Make a statement

Another good way of improving your financial state is to make a clear statement on it. You will never get money if you don’t think about it and desire it. Say “I open my mind and heart to wealth” every day for 5 minutes, and you will improve your financial state.

How to attract money and good luck

Put a glass filled with pomegranate seeds in your home and change them whenever they spoil to attract positive energy and money in your home.

Golden candles

Rub a few golden candles with some honey and ignite them every Sunday for an hour to attract prosperity and positive energy in your home.

Sandalwood incense

Burn some sandalwood incense every beginning of the month in the peaceful morning hours to attract wealth and positive energy. Just close your eyes for a couple of minutes and think of wealth to improve your chances of getting it.


When making lemonade, add the sugar in counter-clockwise manner, then stir it in in clockwise direction to repel negative energy and attract good luck and wealth.

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