Pesticide, Not Zika, Is Causing Birth Defects, Scientists Charge

Medical experts have made a shocking statement about the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil. A group of respected scientists and medical experts claim that a Monsanto-related pesticide is to blame for the epidemic of birth defects in the South American country – Brazil. This shocking report discloses that in 2014, the government added the chemical compound – pyriproxyfen, to water supplies, and their goal was to eliminate the mosquito population in Brazil. First, you should know that this chemical compound causes deformities in the blood-sucking insects – make them unable to breed. But, something terrible happened. Soon after the chemical was added to drinking water, birth defects began surfacing in human newborns.

According to the latest statistics, these types of malformations were detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water. And this is not a coincidence. This report was issued by the group Physicians in Crop-Sprayed Town. Well, they point out that there have been Zika epidemics in the past. But, there were no cases of microcephaly linked with them. Now you probably wonder what is microcephaly. It’s the medical name for birth defect, related to the Zika virus. And it’s characterized by a smaller-than-normal head.

This group also mentioned that their neighbors in Colombia are also fighting the Zika virus, but, in Colombia there isn’t any microcephaly outbreak. More than 3,000 pregnant Colombian women were affected by this virus, but none of them gave birth to a child with microcephaly. It’s because pyriproxyfen hasn’t been used in Colombia. The research group reported that in Brazil, there are more than 4,00 suspected cases of microcephaly. And only 6 of them can be linked to the Zika virus.

One of the researchers, Patricia Pestana Garcez, neurodevelopment scientists at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, has said that there is no direct evidence or relation that the virus causes microcephaly. And even the WHO (World Health Organization) admits that there is no link between this virus and microcephaly. But, they also say that pyriproxyfen is perfectly safe to drink. But, this insecticide is made by a company called Sumitomo Chemical, which is an affiliate of chemical giant Monsanto. And we all know that Monsanto has a long track record of questionable products. This company produced Agent Orange – the plant defoliant that poisoned thousands of U.S soldiers who served in Vietnam. This company also introduced the new-banned pollutant PCBs. And you should also know that Monsanto is a leading producer of GMO crops.

But, the Brazilian federal government dismissed the doctors’ report and they state that there have been microcephaly cases in areas where pyriproxyfen wasn’t added to the drinking water. The officials in South Brazil are not taking any chances and they have suspended the use of this chemical compound. We all know that the virus Zika has caused a worldwide panic and images of tiny-headed babies have flooded the TV screens. All pregnant women around the world have been warned not to travel to countries where the virus has been found. The United States government will spend 1.8 billion dollars to fight this terrible virus. But, nobody knows the answer of the million-dollar question – are we fighting the wrong enemy? Share your thoughts in the comment section bellow. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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