Study -Antibodies From COVID Infection Last Up to 20 Months

If you’ve already had COVID-19, your natural antibodies may last as long as 20 months, a new study suggests. While this is reassuring, experts are quick to caution that the new findings don’t necessarily mean you’re protected against reinfection, and that vaccines remain an important part of a COVID-19 prevention strategy. “This study tells us that … Read more

A woman shared a cruel note that was left in her mailbox. She never imagined the kindness that would come next

Randa Ragland opened her mailbox in late July to find a letter from a neighbor, with no return address and no name. Just words — hurtful ones. The letter accused Ragland of not caring about her Pinson, Alabama, home. “Your eyesore is affecting the resale value of our homes,” it said. “Do better!!!” “So many … Read more

An Elderly Man Wants A Job

An elderly man wants a job, but the foreman won’t hire him until he passes a little maths test: “Here is your first question.” The foreman says. “Without using numbers, represent the number nine?” “Without numbers?” The old man says. “That’s easy.” And he proceeds to draw three trees. “What’s this?” The boss asks. “Have … Read more

Super Foods That Naturally Cleanse Your Liver

The liver is like the body’s filtering scheme; it holds regenerative characteristics, supports clear out garbage and toxins, helps in absorption, and retains the blood normally. To make sure your liver isn’t being overburdened, here are 7 meals with liver-protecting abilities. Include some of them in your food menu to naturally disinfect and refine this … Read more

5 House Plants That Produce the Most Oxygen

Many people would love to decorate their bathrooms with lush greenery. However, that can be tricky, but not impossible. You’ll need to consider a few things when choosing bathroom flora.. LIGHTING Even low light plants require some light to grow and many bathrooms have small windows or maybe none at all. Use fluorescent light bulbs … Read more