5 Products That Contain Gluten Without Stating It On Their Labels!

The labels of industrial products should be read carefully, and if they don’t say whether they contain gluten or not, you should choose something else for your meal.

What is gluten intolerance?

If gluten is a tiny addition to a product (perhaps as an additive or a flavor containing gluten), there is a risk that the product contains an illicit amount of gluten, perhaps without the knowledge of experts.

Here is a list of 5 products that contain gluten, although it is often not visible on their labels.


Salad dressings

Many manufacturers of delicious salads sauces and marinades use wheat as a thickening texture. To avoid gluten in your favorite dishes, you can try and make your own sauces, whenever you can. For example, mix a teaspoon of mustard, the juice of half a lemon or apple cider vinegar with some salt and pepper and you will get a very tasty dressing.

Pates and sausages

Be careful when you consume pates and sausages, since almost all of them contain gluten. Their taste comes from numerous preservatives, which contain gluten. Therefore, you will do your health a favor if you avoid these products.


The liquid in a jar of pickles is malt vinegar, and its composition is similar to beer, and generally contains gluten. To avoid this trap, carefully read the label when you buy food.


Bouillon cubes

Additives and flavor enhancers are the main components of many processed foods, and people who are intolerant to gluten should pay attention to maltodextrin. Namely, it is a hidden gluten product that is contained in the bouillon cube.


Ice cream

When trying out new tempting ice cream flavors, make sure to read the ingredients. Namely, barley malt and dough pieces are common ingredients in ice cream, and many companies that produce ice cream also process wheat, and therefore gluten is present in trace amounts.

Soy sauce

Many of us can’t imagine preparing a Chinese dish without using soy sauce. But, you should know that gluten is one of the main ingredients in this sauce. You could replace it with tamari sauce, which contains pure soy, water and sea salt, and no wheat.

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