Things You Must Do To Make a Woman Feel Better While She is on Her Period

A lot of men don’t know many things and they are unaware of women’s monthly menstruation. So, in this we are going to educate you, because it’s extremely important to know more about this topic, so you can help your girlfriends, fiancés, friends, your wives and all female in your life next time when they are on their period to have a easy and comfortable period.

Ten things you should do when a woman is on her period:

  1. Try to understand what the woman feels during her cycle

Well, it’s kind of obvious that men can’t put themselves in the place of a woman and understand what it’s like to have a menstrual cycle, but they can try to understand what symptoms they go through. Just imagine, if you are a guy, what women go through.

All women can get terrible stomach cramps, which are never fun, and can range from a dull pain that simply annoys, to a stabbing pain that practically paralyses a woman. Women can get mood swings, they can get headaches, restlessness, become extremely tired or sleepy, become sore in their genital regions, and their appetites can dramatically change.

The symptoms can be different, and they can vary from woman to woman and some women may not even have symptoms at all! Women having a heavy period may want to use the appropriate facilitates as often as every couple of hours which is a drag and can curtail trips out and about. Periods are just generally uncomfortable and the symptoms that go along with it are never any fun. Hopefully this will help give you an idea of what a woman goes through during her menstrual cycle.

  1. Remind her about her qualities 

You need to give her compliments. Say things that will make her feel just as beautiful and intelligent when she’s on her period as you find her the rest of the time. This will help boost her confidence, if she needs it, and may help a little with her mood swings.

  1. Help her with things around the house

Well, you can, at least, take the stress off of her by doing the dishes or taking her things down to the laundry. This will help lift some weight from her shoulders and give her time to relax. Keep in mind she may not just have little or chores. Be considerate, because women who work for a living and run a family of kids and pets and everything else have periods too. Help her out!

  1. Reassure her 

All you have to do is sit her down and give her a massage or give her a warm hug. Even a comforting arm rub might make her feel better and will at least show you care.

  1. Make her feel loved and desired

You need to let her know how happy you are to have her in your life. Tell her she’s a great friend, girlfriend, or wife. If she’s at work or away from you, call her on her cell phone, work phone or email them and tell her how beautiful, sweet and all-round awesome she is. It’s not even describable how nice it is for a person to do this. Don’t go over the top her if she’s snappy and irritable from the mood swings.

  1. Don’t act disgusted

Well, you need to show her that you are not grossed out by the very thought of her menstrual cycle, even if it is. If she tries to talk to you about it, do not make faces or say that she needs to talk to one of your girlfriends. This will just make her feel like you don’t care. Another part of this step is to be willing to run errands for her. Go get her the supplies she is out of, and pick her up some chocolate or her favorite magazine while you are at it! It will make her feel like you really care.

Guys, you should also know that it’s extremely difficult for women to cope up the blood lose during periods. So, cook for her while she is on her period. It’s really helpful!

The menstrual cycles can be really hard for all women, because of the blood loss, the hormonal changes and everything else. She loses lot of energy and nutrients. So, you need to show them how much you care and cook them nice and healthy meals.

Get chocolate to spoil your women

The best way to spoil your woman or girlfriend is to buy them a chocolate. They would love that!

Hormonal changes can make them emotional! So, don’t judge them by their crying!

The hormonal imbalance can make their emotions unstable and wild. So, try to be supportive, because they hardly have any control over their emotions.

Well, there you have it guys. Just try to follow these 10 simple steps and you will make your female partner happy and she will go through her period without any difficulties. We really hope you enjoyed this post and please share it with your friends and family. Thank You.


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