You Should Always Put a Quarter On a Frozen Cup of Water Before a Hurricane

Yes, and to be honest with you, I really think that you’ll be shocked when we tell you that this refrigerator hack could literally save your life. Just take a look at the article below and find out more about this.

Note: this trick was sent by one of our readers. She says that when a major hurricane is on the horizon, packing your bags and leaving home is the safe thing to do. But, if you’re worried about the food in your fridge being safe to consume when you return, you’re going to want to remember this brilliantly simple trick.

Why you should always put a coin in the freezer before you leave home

Well, this means that if the power goes out while you’re gone, everything from meat to milk will be at risk. But, if the power returns before you do, you’ll never know if your fridge was running the whole time or not. Sheila Pulanco Russell, from North Carolina, says that all you need is a quarter and cup of water.

Put the water in the freezer until it’s frozen solid. Then, take it out, and put a quarter on top of the ice.

Return the cup—with the quarter—back to the freezer.

Well, this may seem pointless, but you should stay with us a little longer.

When you return, if you find the quarter has moved to the bottom of the cup, then you’ll know your food was unrefrigerated while you were gone and it’s no longer safe to eat. Found the quarter in the middle?

The food is likely still okay, but, if you don’t feel good about your food, just throw it out.

Why You Should Keep A Frozen Cup With A Coin On Top In Your Freezer - Good Day Sacramento

Where you ideally want the quarter to be is exactly where you left it—on the top. That means your freezer’s contents stayed frozen the entire time.

This is really great, right?

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