Shocking Video! Burger, Full Of Bacteria From The Floor Ready For Serving In Fast Food Restaurant Specially For You.

New scandal broke the internet this morning when a 25 – seconds video was published on You tube by user Duane Moore.



This is a devastating video that will change the way you see fast food chain industry. Previously there have been videos that show some irregularities in this kind of restaurants but this is definitely the worst. The video shows a woman, worker is Checkers fast food restaurant somewhere across USA, preparing a burger in the most odious possible way. At the beginning of the video we see her taking a burger bun and throwing it on the ground after giving a good wipe of the floor she continues preparation the burger as nothing happen.

We can even see her smiling and talking to her colleagues. The person filming the video is obviously devastated and we can notice that from his reaction and comments. In the end she tells the person to stop filming and the video ends.

We still don’t know if this is real life situation or just a prank but this video is disgusting and shows what many fast food workers do. This video is not one of a kind as many other videos circle the internet and show people spiting in customers sandwiches and many more bad things.

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