Last night,

Demonstrating exceptional situational awareness and responsiveness, an Uber driver recently found himself reluctantly assisting a woman in escaping from an uncomfortable situation at a fair.

The unnamed Uber driver took to social media to share the incident, narrating the unfolding events during a routine ride request. After receiving a late-night call to pick up a woman near the fairgrounds, the passenger messaged him through the app with an unusual request moments after he accepted the ride.

The woman asked the driver to act as her boyfriend once he arrived at the pickup location. Seeking clarification about the extent of her request, the driver received the response, “I just need you to act like you know me, and that you’re not my Uber driver.”

Taking the woman’s concerns seriously, the driver took proactive measures before reaching the pickup point. He removed the Uber and Lyft stickers from his window and discreetly hid his wedding ring. Upon arrival, he found a man and a woman engaged in conversation in the front yard.

Identified as the passenger, the woman immediately set the stage by addressing the driver as her “Babe” and indicating she would join him shortly. In a spontaneous act of cooperation, the driver responded by expressing hunger and waving at the man. The woman swiftly entered the car, and the driver safely drove them away from the scene.

Brandon Gale spoke about the encounter on Facebook ( Image: Facebook)
Brandon Gale spoke about the encounter on Facebook ( Image: Facebook)

Once out of the man’s sight, the woman shared the distressing details of her evening at the fair. She had attended the event with friends, and one of them became persistently forward, escalating the situation. Seeking refuge in her car, she was followed by the aggressive individual. In a distressing turn of events, the man claimed to be a gentleman and offered her a ride. The woman used the Uber app as an emergency exit strategy, unknowingly turning the Uber driver into the hero of the night.

The driver concluded his social media post with a heartfelt message directed at men, urging them to respect boundaries and accept the word “no” as a response. He emphasized the influential role they play as examples for younger generations. Additionally, he advised women to utilize the messaging system within ride-sharing apps for special requests that could potentially save lives in unforeseen situations.

He wrote about the encounter on Facebook ( Image: Facebook)