Girls, You Should Be Very Careful: You May Lose Your Memory, Hair And Nails Using….

Before we start with this article, we would like to mention that this is a real life story of a girl, and the same thing can happen to you as well, if you make the same mistake. This is how the story goes – one day, this girl passed out in her bathroom. And she started to lose her hair and her nails as well. When the doctors examined her, they told her that this is a well-known toxic shock, which is caused by rare bacterial disease, which is a result of using tampons.


Her hair, nails and her skin started to fall off. This is why the doctors had to put her in artificial coma, so she could survive the medical treatment. The medical experts woke her up after 8 days, but she didn’t remember anything. She couldn’t even recognize her 3 little daughters. And the worst thing about this is that she didn’t know who she was.

This girl was in very bad condition. Her brain wasn’t functioning properly, so she couldn’t complete a sentence. And she could barely walk. She had to learn everything all over again – back from the beginning. Her recovery was long and painful – it lasted more than 2 years.

The medical experts warn all women around the world that tampons can be extremely dangerous, if they aren’t used properly. They also say that all women should change the tampon after 8 hours (max), because the human blood, and the warm and moist environment are the perfect environment for the development of harmful bacteria. For example, if you use tampons in the night, then you don’t have to change until the morning – because the bleeding is reduced when you are lying.

Women – you should all be careful. This is a real life story, which means that this can happen to any of you. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.


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