More Bad News For Women: Glyphosate Contamination Found In Tampons

!Glyphosate  is an herbicide that is considered to be carcinogen according to the World Heath Organization. This chemical may be found in some organic food and it is very dangerous for the body. A new study by researchers from Argentina discovered that this dangerous chemical may be also found in 85% of cotton in feminine hygiene products including tampons.


Dr. Damien Marino of the University of La Plata wrote in the final report that 85% of the tested samples contained glyphosate. This is a shocking number because many women nowadays use tampons because they are considered to be safe and better than regular pads.

This devastating news shocked the public because all of the samples used in this study were labeled as sterilized, safe, tested and ready for use. Using these products we allow this chemical to enter our blood stream directly.

By entering the blood stream this chemical can pile up on crucial areas such as cervix, uterus and ovaries.

Now the group of scientists is focusing on testing the samples for another chemicals and toxins and wants to start a campaign in which it will inform the public about their findings.

Glyphosate is all around us. It is present in the food we eat, in hospitals and in cotton products we use daily.

This discovery will lead to stronger measures and control of the cotton and fibers entering the market. Products such as tampons, gauze bandages and other products for wound care and hygiene will go through strict check and control before being placed on the market. The best thing you should do is to check the labels of the products and buy the organic ones.


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