15 – Year – Old Boy Changes Medicine With His Technique For Diagnosing Cancer

Jack Andraka is a fifteen year old freshman in high school. He developed a paper sensor that could detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer in five minutes for as little as 3 cents. This research could change the face of cancer and promote early detection.

The 168 times faster, 26000 times cheaper, 400 times more sensitive and with 90% success rate method for detecting pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer is invented by the 15 years old Jack Andraka who won the International science fair. This boy had an intelligent insight in the problems of modern technology and realized that the solution is not that far and not that expensive.

After months of dedicated work and many failures he created this simple method that is very effective.

If you want to find out how he did it click the link and watch the video!


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