The Stress Is Accumulated In The Following 12 Body Parts. The Pain of These 12 Body Parts Can Discover Your Emotions

Today, millions of people who cope with headache, fatigue, anxiety, cramps and IBS, are not aware that main source of their appearance is the stress. Stress is presented in everyday life and its appearance cannot be avoided. But our reactions towards stress are the ones who can be controlled. Control the way you react towards stress in order not to get pain in the following body parts.

The pain in the following body parts, discovers your emotional status. Stress can be stored in the following 12 body parts:


Worrying about small things and obstacles can lead to appearance of headaches. Try to finds a way to relax and don’t think too much about problems and tasks that are part of everyday living.


If someone made you angry or irritated, you can have feel pain in the neck. We know that forgiving is not easy, but try to find a way to forget the bad things. This is important for your own health and well-being.


If you are indecisive, especially for a long period, the problems you are facing can cause intensive pressure and lead to pain in the shoulders. Find someone you can talk to, ask for advice and you will solve your problems easier.

Upper Back

If you feel fear of love or you think that you are being unappreciated, you may get pain in the upper back. The best way to ask for support is if you talk with the ones you love.

Lower Back

If you are obsessed with money or you feel fear of loss, you may feel pain in the lower back. Also, have in mind that money isn’t the key to happiness, hence find a joy in everyday life and love. Be sure that as time passes the results will come.


If you are very stubborn and you always try to change the way the things happen, you may get pain in the joint. We suggest that you let the things happen in a way they should happen, and you should also accept the changes.


If you are lonely, you may get pain in the hands. In order to lose this pain, spend a lot of time out, stay in crowded places, meet new people, and make new friendships.


Hip pain can be developed in people who are afraid of changes. Life is a great adventure that goes on, you should follow the its flow and enjoy every second in life.


Knee pain can developed in people who suffer from high ego. Remember that life goes on and that world doesn’t turn around you. Be careful with the ones you love, and they will be there for you when you need their help.


If you have problems in relationship, cope with jealousy or possessiveness, you may get pain in the calves. Try to relax yourself, trust your friends and you partner, and try not to control others. But remember that, if you are forced by someone to lose your own personality, it’s better to be alone that in bad company.


This busy and quick life can lead that you forget your own needs, hence you may get pain in ankles. Your happiness should be your priority, well always take care of yourself, find time for yourself, and time for doing the things which make your life complete.


If someone believes that everything goes wrong, that person may get pain in the feet. Try to find beauty in your life, do things which make you happy, do a new hobby, find joy in everyday life, smile as much as you can, and life your life to the fullest!

According to Virtual Medical Centre, you should do the following techniques, and to lower the levels of your stress:

-Identify and change the ways you cope with stress

( e.g. sometimes people smoke more when they are stressed.). This can make them feel better but only in short term. It is not really helpful in the long term.

-Share your problems with your family or friends

Communication is the key to everything, hence talk and share your problems with your family and friends. Remember that two people can produce more ideas and solutions.

-Establish your priorities and organize your time

Stress can cause difficulty in getting things done or difficulty in concentration. So, stay focused on important things, manage your time, and you will reduce stress.

-Set short-term aims

Be motivated, set your own priorities and set your goals. Life without goals is an empty life, hence motivate yourself, and work hard to accomplish your life goals.

-Do physical exercise and healthy physical activities every day

You will feel less stressed and happier if you get involved in physical exercise. This is due to the fact that physical activities cause releasing of chemicals in the brain

( endorphins) which are responsible for production of euphoria and. Do physical exercises every day and enjoy its benefits!


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