Negative Effects Of The Groundwater Flow

Talking about places where that radiation has the greatest effect we think about places where you spend most of your time and that is the place where you sleep, work etc.


There is no more the question “Do you believe in the harmfulness of groundwater” but the question “What to do in order to minimize and prevent that radiation and what are the consequences on our physical and mental health” arises. Groundwater is everywhere and in some parts of Croatia it is practically impossible to avoid them and they may be found on different depth and width.

The radiations from groundwater happens when there is a reaction between the molecule of water and minerals which are in the ground. The radiation depends on the dynamics, amount and speed of water. Also it is needed to stress out that this radiation of the groundwater is dangerous on the place you sleep and where you spend most of your time of the day during the years. Despite this, it needed to be taken into consideration and the defense system of the organism to this radiation. Some people are more resistant than others but researches have shown that after 10 years of constant exposure of the groundwater radiation many chronic and deadly diseases may appear.

Different kinds of nets and critic area

In order to better understand this it is needed for us to explain to you the different nets of radiation and how critic area is created.

There are two types:

  1. Hartmann’s net
  2. Curry’s net

Hartmann’s net is in the shape of a rectangle and it seems that the lines move in a magnetic field north-south, east-west and inside of them is the groundwater.

Curry’s diagonal net is different in position and structure from Hartmann’s net and it is considered to be biologically more dangerous.

The place where Hartmann’s and Curry’s net interfere and where water passes are critic places of radiation and should be avoided because long exposure may have fatal consequences to your health.

Discovering these places and what you should do

Talking about dangerous places where this radiation has the greatest influence we think about places where you spend most hours in the day and that is the place where you sleep, work (working desk) etc. If measurements have found those places to have very negative radiation it is needed to avoid those places especially change the place of sleeping and staying.

Groundwater in your living and working space may be discovered by a special devices and then you can move your bed, sofa, desk etc. in order to prevent the negative influence.

Radioenergetics may help if you are building a new home and advice you which places you should avoid. The insulation material you use has great role and may slightly decrease the radiation. Have in mind that on the places identified as critic you shouldn’t stay longer than 4 hours a day.

Why this negative radiation is harmful?

Every radiation has its own polarity – positive, negative or neutral and every living being are subject to it. For example, if human receptors have positive polarity and are exposed to negative polarity it will come to its misbalance which after certain amount of time will cause various diseases and health problems – headache, muscle pain and cramps, apathy, nervousness, heart problems, lung disorder, high blood pressure and kidney problems, problems with urinary organs, and even leukemia and cancer.

So, it is very important to sleep and spend time in a neutral place where there is no radiation. It is needed to stress out that the consequences from radiation can’t be noticed after short time but only after long-term exposure and they depend on every person individually. Unfortunately, many people will start feeling the consequences when they will be in a stage of great damages due to radiation exposure.

It is needed to remove or neutralize the radiation and spend your time in places with positive radiation in order to activate the revitalization of your organism and juvenile your receptors.

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