The Earth Is Spinning Faster And The Day Has 16 Hours Not 24 Hours A Scientist Says

A German scientist who has been conducting research since 2000 has stated that the planet increased its speed in its rotation. So the day we live, is shorter than we think.

Here’s what you need to know –  this study is also known by the name “Schumann Resonance”, which deals Meta Quantum Metaphysics and Astrophysics, and explains why the earth rotates faster.


Thus, Dr. Schumann, based on the UTN of Munich University, made the discovery by which states that the day only has 16 hours instead of 24. Dr. Schumann also claims that for centuries the earth revolved on its axis at 7.8 hz. but from 1980, that number changed. Although he did very quickly in just six years, reaching 12 hz.

Bottom line – well, Dr. Schumann actually says the day we live like 24 hours, in fact, has 16 hours and why times are so fast today. So this could cause climatic disasters as a possible consequence of altering the magnetic fields of the earth, which has also been amended since 2000.

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