Warning: Here’s Another Reason Why You Should Stop Wearing Crocs!

We live in a vortex of excessive consumerism in which we look at fashion, cheap prices, impulse purchases and imports of all types of products come from places that are often being exploited as slaves unscrupulous people to obtain quick and inexpensive all type of products that are often a serious risk to the safety of all, especially the children, victims of the industrialized world selfishness and ignorance of parents.


Dear Parents : On May 29, I was shopping, when we were getting ready to retire and store my little 3 year old and when the end of the escalator down , without any explanation , it caught the slipper Crocs for my son and put his foot on the floor at the end of the stairs just felt my son cry “Mom my feet ” when I look back I saw the ladder slipper Crocs crushed my son , and when I look at the foot everything was intercepted by the escalator from this store.

I started screaming like a crazy confused about what happened , my son was taken by ambulance to the Medical Center, where he underwent surgery by orthopedic and plastic surgeon in view of the magnitude of the wound was in danger of losing one of his fingers , which still maintains a nail , which will be removed in 2 weeks.

I wanted to tell the story of this accident happened to my son so that does not happen to another child the same, and so that other parents do not suffer what we have suffered.
They have been successful in sales this summer. The “Crocs” shoes and imitations are very comfortable but have a significant risk when their owner uses escalators.
Agencies (AP) – At rail stations and shopping malls around the world have begun to emerge complaints from people, especially children, whose feet get caught in escalators. And apparently, many of those feet are shod with soft-soled clogs known by the name of the best-known brand, Crocs.

In Japan, a government agency said last week that it had received 39 reports of sandals that had been stuck in escalators from late August and early September. Most people wear brand Crocs sandals, or similar products.

It’s highly recommended for you to stop wearing crocks. And if you decide to wear them, then you should be extra careful. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.



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