Revolutionary, High-Technology Mini-Scanner Can Tell What Is In Your Food, Drink And Pills

 This new device represents a revolution on the market. It is created by and Israeli start – up and can instantly tell you what is in your pill and what it will do for you, is the dress you like real cotton, and are those bananas GMO. This scanner has a molecular sensor that scans the product you like and gives you a complete list of its characteristics.


It works in such a way that its Scio tool uses your smartphone to send the chemical makeup of the product you like or need and then it uses various applications to present the properties of the product.

This is the first molecular sensor with the size of your palm. Dror Sharon, co-founder of the start – up based in Hod Hasharon, Tel Aviv, says that this device is user – friendly and it may tell you how many calories are in your meal, what is the material of the jeans or jacket you like or how much sugar is in your drink.

Thanks to the Near Infrared Spectroscopy technology this scanner doesn’t need to touch your product. The only thing that you need to do is to point this scanner to the product you like. Then each molecule interacts with the light in order to create an optical signature and then it gives the list of all the properties of the product.

This scanner will help you while you do your regular shopping at the supermarket, when you buy clothes, or while you eat in your favorite restaurant. Once you try it, it will become irreplaceable part of your life.

Collaborative database

The scanner works thanks to the data gathered by users. The more users it has the wider is the data. The website of the start – up states that this is a circle of information and that each user helps other users to decide on their products.

The start – up started its career at the crowd funding site Kickstarter where it gathered 13.000 customers. The gadget will be available from December 2015 for a price of 250 dollars or 220 Euros.

Sharon also adds that the interest for this scanner is huge starting with developers and teenagers though ordinary people up to multinational companies. He also adds that his next aim is the industrial sector. He even believes that one day smartphones will come with SCiO technology built in.

Still there is a prototype which is kept by Consumer Physics.

But the biggest wish of its makers is that one day this scanner will become indispensable for everyday life.

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