Installing a Hidden Camera as My Wife’s Ex Returns to Her and Our Children’s Lives

Upon installing a concealed camera in his living room, a man found himself notified on his phone while at work. Intrigued, he tapped on the notification only to be confronted with shocking revelations unfolding in his home, unbeknownst to him.

At 52 years old, he had remarried following the loss of his first wife a decade prior. His daughters warmly embraced his new spouse, regarding her as an older sister figure.

Meanwhile, his wife also brought two sons from her previous marriage into their blended family. The man fostered a close bond with the boys, treating them as his own. However, the dynamics shifted drastically upon his discovery of the hidden camera footage.

Other Redditors were left astounded by the revelations shared in whataboutthekids’ detailed post on the “Relationship Advice” subreddit, penned on May 5, 2019. Before delving into the heart of the matter, the man provided some context for readers, reminiscing about chance encounters with his 38-year-old second wife at various spots around town. Despite never exchanging words, their eyes met on multiple occasions.

One day, while waiting for his car at the service center, the man spotted her walking in. Seizing the opportunity, they engaged in a detailed conversation and even shared a coffee afterward. He mustered the courage to propose a lunch date, which she enthusiastically accepted, leading to an exchange of numbers.

After two years of dating, he took the leap and married her. Shortly after, a notification on his phone at work changed everything. She and her sons moved into his home seamlessly, with his daughters embracing their new stepmother, who quickly became an elder sister figure to them.

The original poster (OP) found solace in having an adult presence at home to oversee his daughters while he was away at work. Despite her desire to stay at home, OP’s wife remained active, frequently volunteering at the school during lunch hours.

As her stepdaughters transitioned into college graduates, her sons remained in school. Close to his stepsons and cognizant of her ex’s absence in their lives, OP made the heartfelt decision to legally adopt them, given their biological father’s failure to provide child support or maintain contact.

His wife had shared that her ex had completely vanished from their lives after abandoning them. However, a sudden twist occurred when her ex resurfaced, demanding to meet his children.

Legally bound by his status as their father, OP couldn’t prevent these visits, though he managed to confine them to weekends only. During these encounters, OP urged his wife to broach the subject of relinquishing parental rights with her ex, facilitating the possibility of OP adopting the boys formally.

Following her agreement to discuss the matter with her ex, the atmosphere at home began to subtly shift. OP noticed peculiar occurrences, such as vanishing snacks and beer cans, yet his wife dismissed his inquiries. A few days later, his 14-year-old stepson approached him, questioning the nature of his relationship with his mother.

Expressing discomfort at witnessing their affectionate interactions, the boy inquired about his mother’s feelings toward his father. Bewildered by the unexpected line of questioning, OP tentatively suggested that his mother might still harbor feelings for her ex.

The revelation took a troubling turn when the boy disclosed witnessing his mother and father cuddling, even finding her ex at home upon returning from school.

Disturbed by these revelations, OP confronted his wife’s ex during his weekend visit with the children. To his astonishment, the ex admitted to visiting solely to spend time with OP’s wife, asserting that they remained technically married due to his refusal to sign divorce papers.

Stunned, OP questioned him about child support, only to discover he had paid a significant sum of $15,000, and his wife had never broached the topic of relinquishing his parental rights.

OP’s curiosity peaked, leading him to install a discreet hidden camera in his living room, aimed at the main door.

Within three days, a notification startled him at work, unveiling live footage of his wife welcoming her ex into their home.

Shock washed over him as he witnessed intimate moments between them, followed by his wife’s departure and return, seemingly altered for her school lunch duties.

What unfolded next was beyond belief. The ex’s pleading gestures toward his wife escalated their intimacy to new heights, leaving OP stunned.

Despite her eventual departure, the ex remained, sleeping on the sofa.

Hours later, another notification beckoned OP’s attention, revealing his wife and her ex heading towards the bedroom.

Determined to confront them, OP rushed home, catching them in the act.

Fueled by betrayal, OP’s wife attempted to explain it away as a single lapse in judgment. But OP remained unmoved, confronting her with the damning evidence from the hidden camera.

Rendered speechless, his wife had no defense.

In a decisive move, OP demanded she leave, summoning her father to collect her and the children.

Met with skepticism from his father-in-law, OP took matters into his own hands, sharing edited footage with undeniable proof of his wife’s infidelity.

Yet, met with silence, OP stood firm in his resolve, unwilling to entertain further explanations.