We Have The Answer . IS This Lemon Cleanse Really The Best Detox On The Planet.

Our body is constantly exposed to many toxins. The water and different drinks we drink, the food we consume, the cosmetics we use, the clothes we wear are constantly emitting various toxins that come into our bloodstream. Of course, the air we bread, the sun we are exposed, the soil on which we grow our food is also source of many toxins. This is why our body is in constant need of detoxification. Keep reading this article if you want to find out the best recipe for detoxification that is used by many people and is proven to be cheapest and 100% natural.

Lemonade for detoxification of the entire body

The lemonade detox is a natural and healthy way to eliminate toxins from your body. It is widely recommended by doctors, nutritionists and fitness trainers.

However, you must bear in mind that this lemonade – based diet should be avoided by people who had recent organ transplantation or suffer from some autoimmune disease. In addition, if you start using this diet and you notice some strange signs or symptoms on your body stop the diet immediately and visit your doctor.

Who created the Lemonade detox diet?

This amazing diet was started by Stanley Burroughs who at first had no intentions at all to create a diet. His first intention was to help the patients who suffered from stomach ulcers.

Later the benefits from this diet became wide known and he wrote the book “My master cleanser”. In this book, he explains the case of one of his patients who suffered from stomach ulcer. The patient cured his ulcer for three years without any success and this is why he came to Stanley. Stanley recommended a natural and healthy diet and this is the moment which save the life of the patient. After 11 days the patient recovered fully from the ulcer.

This was a turning point and the diet of Stanley was put on test to check its benefits. After the tests, it was concluded that this diet not only that cures stomach ulcers but is also great for the wellbeing of the body because it burns extra fat, cleans the body from harmful materia, bacteria and fungi.

What makes this recipe so powerful is that is based on a principle that every disease can be cured thought cleaning. This is why it is very effective with so many diseases.

Of course, this lemon based diet is only one step towards healthier life. For the total cleaning of the body or curing some disease you will need to follow healthy food habits, eliminate stress from your life and implement a workout regime in your daily life. When you combine all this with the detox program you will have the best possible results, you will feel good and look even better.

Before starting this diet it is very important to prepare your body for it. Start a vegan diet and reduce the consumption of caffeine and take vitamin B5. This will remove stress from your life and prepare you mentally and physically for the detox process.

Ingredients needed:

– Lemons

– Water

– Cayenne pepper

– Maple syrup

Process of preparation:

You decide the amount that you will prepare, but it is important to have consume 6 – 7 glasses from this drink a day.

Squeeze the juice from the lemons and then add the other ingredients. Mix all well. Consume always when you feel hungry not more than 7 glasses a day.

Also, take some laxatives or saltwater flush in the morning and evening. Do this for a week and you will clean entirely all the waste from your intestines.


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