Jackie Chan’s Daughter Ends Silence, Confirming Suspicions About Her Celebrated Father

Recently, Jackie Chan, the acclaimed martial arts movie icon, was at the heart of a viral video that showcased a tender moment with a woman thought to be his daughter, captivating audiences worldwide. Yet, the story behind this moment has since unfolded, revealing a different truth.

The popular video featured Chan and the woman, identified as actress Liu Haocun, watching old footage of Chan executing daring stunts. As Liu voiced her admiration for Chan, labeling him the greatest, their emotional response was palpable, with both showing tears. This led to widespread sharing of the video on social media, with many mistaking it for a genuine father-daughter interaction, unaware of the actual context.

Contrary to what the video suggests, the woman featured alongside Chan is actually an actress from his latest film, “Ride On,” rather than his daughter. Chan’s real daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, has openly discussed their lack of a relationship, accusing him of neglect. She has highlighted that, despite Chan’s considerable fortune, he has not been in contact with her for years.

Etta, who was born to Chan and Elaine Ng Yi-lei, a former beauty queen, was the product of an affair while Chan was married to Joan Lin, his wife since 1982. Chan has acknowledged his fault in the situation, admitting to his imperfections and the mistakes he has made, similar to any other man.


The situation’s intricacy deepens with Etta’s claims of homophobia directed at her father, attributing such attitudes as the root of their tense relationship. Chan has remained silent on both these accusations and the widespread misconception spurred by the viral video.

Chan has not yet made any public remarks addressing Etta’s charges or shedding light on the nature of their estrangement. Amidst this backdrop of controversy, the real narrative behind the viral footage underscores the often complex realities hidden behind public figures.

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