Press These Points For Wherever You Have Pain – Every Body Part Is In The Palm Of Your Hand

No matter how advanced the western medicine is, there are simple facts that show us we have much to learn about the treatment of chronic discomforts and pain in certain parts of our body.

Mostly people rely on creams, ointments and pills, but very few of those will cause a positive effect. It is considered that the alternative medicine is far in front of these things, and can treat almost any type of pain with the right medications.

Each health expert will give you an advice, not matter what you consume to treat the pain, the effects can be improved if you practice some treatment too besides the medications. Because that would be the best route to follow at that time.

In this article we will present you the reflexology and the benefits of it.

This is a treatment for pain that have been used for hundreds of years by the people from the Middle East. The reflexology simply presents a theory, that there are points on our palm that are directly bonded to a certain part of our body, and by adding pressure on them you can easily relieve from the discomfort and the pain in that area or part of the body. If you want to learn about it, the first step is to learn which body part is connected to a certain point on your palm.

Once you’ve learned them, you can start pressuring the points in order to relieve from the pain or discomfort. The cycle is simple, you need to press for 5 seconds and release for 3 seconds, and you should repeat it for a few minutes. The technique can be done a couple of times on daily basis, and the results from it will surely amaze you.

Below in the article you can find a video, in which Dr. Oz is discussing with a famous reflexologist, and how to prevent from various types of pain. The reflexologist explains how through our feet and palms we can relieve from pain in certain areas or body parts, with only adding a little bit of pressure. Then 5 volunteers from the audience are called to experience this technique and see the effects for themselves. The people who volunteered from the audience, were suffering from exhaustion and insomnia, or bloating and constipation, low libido and upper back pain, or sinus congestion.

The famous reflexologist showed these people this simple technique and how to get rid of the pain or the problem. The reflexologist also explains what sensations could be felt if you add the pressure on these points and massage them for a few minutes. It is simply miraculous how effective this technique is, and yet so simple!


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