Using Air Fresheners inside the House is the equivalent of Smoking 20 Cigarettes a Day

Everybody loves that divine smell of air fresheners, however that sweet smell could cause an entire scope of health issues. One of these products is Febreeze. As per EWG the Febreze items score a D or an F. Air fresheners cause development and reproductive toxicity, skin irritation, skin allergies, respiratory issues, asthma, and even lung cancers.

Using Air Fresheners is Like Smoking. Air Fresheners Cause Lung Cancer

Do you know that both air spray and tobacco companies don’t uncover all the ingredients they use in their products? Truth be told, there are more than 600 ingredients that are used to make the cigarettes, and more than 3,000 synthetic chemicals are used to make the air fresheners. Thats frightening! When you see the word “fragrance” on the list of ingredients, that means that it is a mix of hundreds of harmful chemicals.

Translation — Air Sprays Contain the Same Ingredients as Cigarettes

There are eleven regular ingredients in cigarettes and air sprays. Seven of these synthetic chemicals are causing cancer, 2 of them are toxic to our cardiovascular system and the other 2 are toxic to our reproductive system.

Let’s Take a Look at These Ingredients:

Ethylhezanol: Reproductive toxin, as well as lung, eye and skin irritant.

Benzaldehyde: Lung, eye and skin irritant, as well as a neurotoxin.

Geraniol: Lung, eye and skin irritant, and causes system toxicity and allergies.

Ethyl Acetate: Lung, eye and skin irritant. Causes neurotoxicity and reproductive/developmental toxicity.

Butylphenyl Methylpropion Al: Lung, eye and skin irritant, as well as an immunotoxin and allergen.

Methyl Pyrrolidone: It causes build ups in our system, toxic to our immune system, non-reproductive organ system toxin, causes allergies, it can cause irritation of our lungs, eyes and skin, and is also classified with “enhanced skin absorption”.

Propylene Glycol: It causes build ups in our system, toxic to our immune system, non-reproductive organ system toxin, causes allergies, may also cause cancer and it is calssified with “enhanced skin absorption. Also it is a huge lung, eye and skin irritant.

“Fragrance”: This one is one of the three ingredients that is disclosed in fact, it is also an allergen, immunotoxin, and neurotoxin. The fragrances might be compromised of any number that is above 3,000 ingredients. Some of these were never tested for safety.

Acetaldehyde: It is a big immunotoxin, toxic to our reproductive health, it is non-reproductive organ system toxin, and is a big carcinogen. Also it is a huge irritant of the lungs, eyes and skin.

Cleanse Your Body From These Toxins

Air sprays cause lung cancer and that is the main reason why you need to detox. The best and most economical way to detox your body is to take spirulina. As per numerous studies, spirulina supports a healthy detoxification of built up toxins from the body by binding to them directly. Therefore, these toxins are naturally eliminated from our body through the natural elimination process that our body has.

Use Essential Oil Instead

Diffusing some of your favorite essential oils is the natural and best way to cleanse your air at home, and also this will add some therapeutic benefits. This will also improve your mood and boost your immune system.


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