7-Year Cycles Of Human Life (Every Seven Years You Change)

From birth to 7 years

From its birth until the age of 7, the child knows the world only horizontally and is starting to develop its senses. There’s a strong bond with the mother, and the first sensations are the mother’s face and voice, her milk and warmth as well as the kisses. This period ends when the child starts learning of the outside world.

7-14 years

In this period of life, the child starts connecting to his father and to the vertical world as well. His personality start developing, and the father becomes the most faithful ally for any knowledge of the outside world.

14-21 years

From 14-21 years of age, revolt against society usually takes place. This is the time when a person forms their intellect and the adolescent crisis begins. It’s also the phase where there’s a wish to change the world and destroy the existing order, with teenagers resenting society by expressing their revolt with loud music, a tendency towards independence, ties with marginal social groups, anarchist values and denial of the old values.

21-28 years

This is a period of calming down after the uprising in the previous years. After the failure in the desire to change the world, people integrate into society and try to be better than their predecessors. They start looking for a job better than their parents’ and a more suitable place for a living. At this age, people are trying to create a happier family than their parents, and the period usually ends with marriage.


End of the first 4×7 quadrant in life

After 28 years, which end up with the foundation of a family, a man enters the second quadrant.

28-35 years

This is a period of nesting in the family and the time when most people buy a house and a car. They usually have children at this point of their life and begin caring about their family the most. However, if a person didn’t complete the first 4 cycles, the family could fall apart. If the relationship with the mother has been strained in the past, there could be a problem with the son or daughter-in-law. If the phenomenon occurred in the relations with the dad, a man might get involved in the internal affairs of another young family and cause conflict. If a person didn’t reject society as a teenager, there’s a chance that he could do it now, which may spark a divorce or getting fired.

35-42 years

This is the period where it all starts from scratch again. After going through the previous crisis, a man learns from his mistakes and begins to rebuild the second cycle. He usually spends more time with family and his parents, while divorced individuals start looking for lovers. The relations with society are also being improved.

42-49 years

In this period a man tries to conquer society and feels the fullness of life in marriage and his children. This generates 2 new types of behavior – if a man puts emphasis on the material world, he gains more money, comfort and power. If the focus is on the mind, he gains a genuine personality. The period ends with a crisis of self and asking difficult existential questions.

49-56 years

This is the time of spiritual growth, where a man starts focusing on non-material values and seeks growth and proximity to eternal things. The search might continue until the end of his life.

The end of the second 4×7 quadrant


Human life continues in the same 4×7 cycles although with different level and depth. However, it retains the same issues and questions.


Sometimes people avoid the spiritual step fearing failure from the inevitable end. However, during this process, they destroy everything they have built until then and try to pass through earlies phases again.

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