Do You Take A Shower In The Morning Or In The Evening? What’s Better?


Regular showering is one of the most important hygienic practices, whether you do it in the morning or in the evening. Still, there is a difference.

Showering should be an everyday habit, but experts warn that daily showers with a soap can dry out the skin, so it is advisable to occasionally use natural aloe vera gels, and sometimes even plain water.

And when should you take a shower? The habits related to showering are often cultural. Therefore, in Asia, people usually take showers in the evening, while people in the US usually shower in the morning. Is this good or not? Any time of the day has its advantages when it comes to showering.



A shower in the morning is better for people with oily and impure skin, since our sweat produces sebum during the night, and it remains on the surface of the skin during the whole day and can clog the pores. A morning shower improves circulation and increases the heart rate, eases muscle tension, and is a great way to reduce neck stiffness or back pain. Plus, a morning shower will wake you up better than coffee.


An evening shower is a confirmed remedy for insomnia, because it will calm you down, and signal the body to start releasing melatonin, a hormone that encourages sleep. It also lowers the blood pressure and reduces stress, which is a great way to relax after a hard day at work or an exercise.
Another advantage of an evening shower is that your sheets will stay cleaner for longer. Even if you consider yourself to be very clean, our skin has a build-up of dirt, sebum and dead cells.

Have you decided? When will you take a shower tomorrow – in the evening or in the morning?

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