Nature is a very diverse thing that contains all the solutions for almost all diseases and conditions. There are many fruits and vegetables which can be used to treat ailments, such as the golden berries of the Peruvian groundcherry.

This amazing fruit grows on a wild plant. They are small, round in shape and have a sweet taste. Their pleasant yellow color is really a sight to see, and they have a rind that looks like a cocoon which isn’t edible.

The Peruvian groundcherry is native to the American continent. Since its discovery, it has been spread around the world and is now present almost everywhere. There are more than 50 types of golden berries that have been used since the pre-Columbian era. They’re a pretty common sight in Peru and Colombia, where the fruit was cultivated in valleys and considered sacred by the Incas. The tea from the berries has been consumed among royalty in Germany and England in the 18th century.

The fruit is known as aguay cloak in Peru, capulli in Bolivia, uchuva in Colombia, Judas’ cherries in Mexico and cherry in Peru. Here are the main health benefits of the Peruvian groundcherry:

  • The fruit is an excellent source of vitamins A, B and C;

  • It’s a powerful energy booster that can improve the performance of athletes;

  • The Peruvian groundcherry can improve the development of children due to the presence of phosphorus and proteins;

  • It can treat almost all pains;

  • The fruit is a powerful diuretic;

  • It can regulate the levels of cholesterol in your blood;

  • It improves digestion and treats digestive problems such as constipation.

As you can see, the Peruvian groundcherry is a powerful fruit with numerous health benefits, which is why it should become a part of your diet.

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