Spring Onion is Really Amazing at Treating Sore Throat, Runny Nose and Swollen Legs!

Also known as scallions or green onions, spring onions are in fact very young onions, harvested before the bulb has had a chance to swell. Both the long, slender green tops and the small white bulb are edible, and are good either raw or cooked. They have a similar flavor to onions, but are much milder. The good this is that they are available all year round, and easy to grow in a vegetable patch from seed. Spring onions have anti-inflammatory properties. They are extremely useful against the cold and the flu, and many ailments, such as: high blood pressure, against fungi, stress and fatigue.

This means that you can use these super healthy foods to treat core throat, to alleviate the symptoms of the cold and the flu, reduce swollen legs, etc. Here’s what you need to do:

Sore Throat

Here’s what you need to do – just chop the spring onion in small pieces, and you can add grated ginger and some salt in it. Put the sliced ingredients together in a cloth bag or cloth and warm up. Wrap the warm compress in another cloth or towel and put it on the sore area (throat, chest, palms or back). You will be amazed by the results. So, when you have problems with sore throat, you should try this simple trick.

Swollen Legs

Here’s what you need to do – just cook the spring onions for a few minutes. Then, you need to blend them in a blender, until you get a paste mixture. Apply the paste on the swollen legs. This recipe has been used for hundreds of years and it is very effective and useful.

Runny Nose

Here’s what you need to do – you need to mash the spring onion and soak a cotton ball or pad in its juice. Then, you need to apply this wet compress on the nose and the sinus area. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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