This Happy Puppy Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail, Although Life Hadn’t Been Kind to Her

A happy puppy is the most fulfilling and joyful thing that exists in this world. Nothing in this world can ever truly compare with the wholesomeness of a bright, cute puppy. Matilda is also no exception. However, it is her story that draws lot more attention than her sunny disposition does. It all started in a rather low, gloomy manner.

The puppy is a pit bull affectionately named as Matilda. She arrived at the Douglas County Animal Shelter as one of the happiest puppies that shelter has ever laid their eyes on! The sheer happiness of the puppy was really overwhelming. Matilda literally couldn’t stop herself from constantly wagging her tail from utter excitement and probably curiosity. The staff found that quite unusual because after hearing her story, they realize how much hardships Matilda had to face in her life.

Matilda’s life started of like any other stray dog, wandering the streets of Georgia. There was no one to look after her – no one to tend to her needs. The moment she was taken in the shelter home at Douglas, the staff examined her to find worms growing in her tummy. Not only that, but she was also suffering from a severe case of skin irritation, as well. All in all, her friendliness was quite a shock for everyone around her. There was no doubt of the fact she was obviously in a lot of pain, yet despite all her troubles and pains- she was still wagging her tail!

A volunteer present at the shelter, named Santina Sanders, also pointed out how Matilda is always ready with the most beautiful, cutest and sweetest kisses. Always ready to give out love to anyone who approaches her and befriends her.

Well, Matilda was such a delightful company anyway! So, it was quite obvious that more people agreed with Sander’s. Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, a member of the animal shelter home called Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, was the next one to be enchanted by the puppy. They could not keep Matilda within the walls of a shelter home anymore. She had to put her up in foster care!

Kerrie Rich is the new foster mom of Matilda. She has given her a new foster home and was also become absolutely smitten by her jovial nature. Rich noticed that because of the constant wagging of her tail, she cannot even walk straight anymore. She walks a little crooked.

The story of Matilda and her indomitable spirit reminds us to always look at the brighter side of her things, no matter what kind of situation we land into. Her infectious happy energy surely brings us to the best state of mind.

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