Things You Shouldn’t Say To People Suffering From Cancer

The last thing which people suffering from cancer or cancer survivors need are our reckless comments which may hurt them and so before saying a word think twice how your words would influence your interlocutor.


They fight or have won a fight over cancer and for sure know how clumsy may be the comments on some individuals. Here we present you a list of several things which you shouldn’t say to anyone suffering from this bad disease.

  1.Don’t narrate stories of people who you knew and who have lost the fight

All of us in some way want to show that we sympathize and at least once we have found ourselves in a situation where we made things worse. People suffering from cancer despite their daily battle and will to lead normal life are left only with optimism. Stories about people who have lost their battle can only drag them to the bottom so they will start losing faith in finding cure. Before you start narrating a story about someone who you knew and had cancer and died from that disease – think twice.

   2.My mother, brother, friend as well had the same disease

Never start your story with this sentence especially if it doesn’t have a happy ending. If you say that someone that is very close to you had this disease you probably will be asked about further events.


    3.Your hair will grow again

Maybe it seems to you that the hair is the thing which worries the least those who have lost it during chemotherapy. Although, at any second don’t try to diminish any of the consequences from this bad disease especially if you are talking to a woman.

Instead of sad and reckless stories, if you yet have the need to say something, tell a story with happy ending. Millions of people around the world live despite of the fact that they have cancer. If you know somebody talk with them about their current life, tell them funny stories of people who survived the same disease. At the end, try to distract them from the bad thoughts, cheer them up and make them smile.

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