A Few Days Before The Stroke Our Body Warns Us – 7 Signals For Approaching Stroke:

Stroke is one of the most serious disorders in the brain and one of the most common causes of death. We all have a brief notion of what this condition means – in short, some area of our brain does not receive the required amount of oxygen and begins to die.

Our body is designed in such a way that almost every disease signals to us

But we often miss these signals and do not pay attention to them.

In this article, we will tell you about 7 signs that indicate the onset of a stroke. If you notice one or more symptoms, consult a doctor immediately!

Loss of peripheral vision / Tunnel vision
That is, you see well in front of you, but not around. If this problem develops gradually, it is probably something other than a stroke. But if you find such visual impairment within a few seconds, then you should seek immediate medical attention. The same applies to any other immediate visual or hearing impairment.

Hallucinations (vision, hearing, smell)
These can be hallucinations of all kinds: visual, hearing, odors. If you do not take strong drugs that affect the nervous system, then such hallucinations are a sure sign of the death of brain cells that emit certain impulses at that moment. They should definitely warn you to seek help.

Severe headache
The headache haunts everyone and of course, the reasons are different. But if you feel acute, severe and unusual pain, and they are different than you usually have, then definitely seek medical attention!

Lack of control over the body
Stroke often disrupts the areas of the brain responsible for controlling the body. To determine if something is wrong with the body, you need to go to the mirror and raise both hands at the same time – if one rises normally and the other does not, you better seek help! The same applies to the so-called. a “smile curve” when one side of the mouth (face) does not seem to obey the signals of the brain.

Speech disorders start occurring with a stroke. Replacing words with each other, changing places of words, difficult expression of thoughts … You probably won’t notice it yourself, but if there is someone next to you, who can determine it, call an ambulance immediately!

Changing blood pressure
You haven’t noticed sharper jumps in blood pressure before, but now they are available. In this case, it is also worth checking your health.

Loss of sensation, coordination
For example, a completely sober person begins to act like a drunk, with no apparent explanation. This is a reason to be consulted by a doctor.

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