Things You Didn’t Know About Glycerin. It’s Irreplaceable And Extremely Useful Around The House!

You were cleaning up your bathroom and you’ve found glycerin bottle in the bathroom’s closet. Where did it came from – you don’t even remember anymore, right? What should you do with it – you probably don’t even know. Should you throw it away – it would be pity. Well, if you find bottle of glycerin in your house, don’t throw it away! In this post we are going to show you simple and effective uses of glycerin around the house.

The best ways to use glycerin in your home:

  1. You can use glycerin to remove hard stains in your house.

You can efficiently remove berry stains. All you have to do is put glycerin on the berry stain and leave it for 1 hour. After one hour, clean the stain with some salt water. You can also use glycerin to remove fresh coffee or tea stains. All you have to do is put the clothes in glycerin – salt solution (1:1). When the stain fades, you should immediately wash that piece of cloth in the usual way – by hand or put it in the washing machine.

  1. Glycerin vs. Dust

If you polish your lacquered wooden furniture and mirrors, the dust will not set on them anymore.

  1. You can use glycerin to “refresh” leather things

If your leather thing, after some time, wears out – a jacket, briefcase or leather, just wipe it with glycerin. You won’t make it look like its brand new, but it will certainly look better and newer.

  1. You will make your floor shiny

If you have parquet or laminate in your house – wipe them out with water and glycerin. First, you need to make a solution – 2-3 tablespoons of glycerin to 5 liters of water. Your floors will shine!

  1. Use glycerin for your hair

This is the simplest way: add a few drops of glycerin in your shampoo every time you wash your hair, and your hair will become thick, soft and hydrated. You can also add glycerin in hair masks or hair packs. This viscous substance will refresh your hair and it moisturizes it.

  1. Use glycerin for your hands

You can find and buy hand creams with glycerin in the local supermarkets or pharmacies. These creams are extremely useful – for cold and hot days. In the winter time – it protects the skin from cold and in summer time – it prevents itching and skin irritation. All you have to do is apply some drops of glycerin on your skin, or you can make a hand bath: add few drops of glycerin in hot water and put your hands in it. Your hands will be soft and smooth.

  1. You can use glycerin for facial skin as well

Glycerin has a long history of use in the cosmetic industry. Despite the modern technology and the evolution of different components and ingredients for cosmetic products, some manufacturers still use this popular ingredient. This is because glycerin has a unique ability – it absorbs the moisture very quickly and keeps it for a long time. If you apply glycerin on your face, your facial skin will not absorb it – but it will create an invisible layer on the surface of your skin and it will attract microscopic water molecules, which are found in the air around you, and it will hydrate your facial skin. If you live where humidity is high, then glycerin is your number one assistant. If the humidity around you isn’t high – then glycerin will look for water in the deeper layers of your skin and it will dehydrate it. So, don’t use glycerin for your skin and your hair if you don’t live in area with high humidity.

  1. Use glycerin for your heels

You can also use glycerin to treat rough skin on your hands, feet and for cracked heels. This recipe was tested and it was extremely effective. You will notice the amazing results just after one week. Your heels will become soft, tender and pink, and your nails will get a nice and shiny look.

  1. Glycerin is also useful for making a homemade natural soap.

If you find glycerin bottle in your home, make sure you try some of these simple and extremely useful tricks. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and family. Thank You.

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