In Case Of a Heart Attack You Have 10 Seconds Only to Save Your Life! Here’s What You Should Do (VIDEO)

Heart attack has become one of the leading causes of death in the world in recent years. It can’t be predicted and we should do anything we can to protect ourselves from it. Luckily, have some useful advices on how to save your life if you experience a heart attack.

People tend to panic when they suspect a heart attack and fall unconscious in just seconds, which complicates matters even further. You have only a couple of seconds to react in cases of a heart attack, and they could prove to be life-saving. If you suspect you are suffering from a heart attack, call an ambulance immediately! This is the first and most important step as you need immediate medical help in case of a heart attack. After you have called the hospital, start breathing forcefully and strongly every two seconds.

Extend the exhale well and repeat the process until the ambulance arrives.

When you’re taking deep breaths, you’re sending a big amount of oxygen into your lungs, while the coughing keeps pressure on the heart and keeps your circulation running. The pressure on the heart will keep your sinus rhythm in check and eventually save your life.

Watch the video below to learn more about the method:

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