The Shocking Truth: We’ve Been Poisoned With Fluoride In Order To Become Slaves So They Can Earn Thousands Of Dollars On Our Work


All around the world there is a legal obligation due to adding ingredient called fluoride to water. Individuals believe that that compound dissolves the mental and physical wellbeing of its consumers.

Fluoridation or adding fluoride in drinking water is made all around the world for about 70 years and there is an explanation that that substance, among other things, stops tooth decomposition. However, the critics say that the benefits from fluoride are not proven and that its negative effect is documented in details.

Allegedly, that ingredient is made by the ruling elite by the recipe of Nazi scientists and then added in water to create a mass which will obey and it will never go against injustice and inequality.


The conclusion to many scientists about the influence of fluoride are very different so there are many theories about fluoride in the water all around the globe.

According to those in favor of fluoridation, one dentist from Colorado in the 50s discovered that extra fluoride in drinking water whitens the teeth. When US Public Health Service repeated the experiment it came to a conclusion that fluoride only slows down the process of tooth decomposition. Those who are against fluoridation, on the other hand, believe that water fluoridation was started by the Nazi in the 30s, when they discovered that people who consume bottled water are obeying and easier to control. The Nazis allegedly used it in concentration camps during capturing Poland and Czechoslovakia – says Gretchen Ann Reilly in “Conspiracy theories in American history.”

Individuals believe, says she, that fluoridation causes sterility and that Nazis put in the water on purpose in order to eliminate locals from Eastern Europe and invade their property with German colonies.

Experiment or not… it affected even the pharmaceutical industry

Decreasing resistance

Water fluoridation in USA started in early 50s, in the time when in the frame of the project “Staple” Nazi scientists started inhibiting in USA. The prestigious America chemist Charles Eliot Perkins was sent in German by the government in order to help and renew the company “I. G. Farben” after the end of war. In 1954 he wrote that the Nazis used sodium chloride as a tool for controlling the masses.


I want to say this very clear: the main reason why water fluoridation is not a concern for children’s healthy teeth. The main reason is decreasing the resistance of the mass, controlling people and taking away its freedom. Frequent doses of fluoride with time will decrease the ability of the individual to confront the process of slow poisoning of some parts of the brain tissue, and people will give its will to anyone who wants to control it. I claim this as a scientist who spent 20 years examining chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and pathology of fluoride  Every man which consumes water with fluoride for a long time, will never be the same person again, not mental nor physical – says Jim Mars in the book, “Conspiracy of billions dollars.”
He claims that fluoride is a key ingredient in Prozac and many other psychotropic medicine. Despite this, relying on Dr. Dina Burke, chemist, from the National Cancer Institute, he says that fluoride causes cancer.


Burk said that fluoride causes cancer faster than any other chemical. The researches of Dr. Peri Cone showed a connection between osteosarcoma and fluoride, as well as that that kind of cancer appears in children 4.6 times more often in the areas with fluoride water. Mars say that the more fluoride in water the greater risk of cancer.

He believes that together with the aluminum industry behind  fluoride water is also the pharmaceutical industry.

They made the fluoride, a waste product, to become active ingredient of pesticides, fungicides, anesthetics, medicine, toothpaste. Fluoride has become such an important part of the industry which makes billions of dollars that it became impossible for the pharmaceutical industry, legally unthinkable and potentially will destroy it – to confess that it poisons the people, says Mars.

Facts about the use of fluoride:

  1. Most of the countries in Western Europe put a ban on fluoridation of water.
  2. Fluoride is a chemical which is added to the water and in fact is industrial waste.
  3. More and more studies are conducted in order to prove that fluoridation is not efficient and useless.
  4. The benefit from fluoride is only external and there is no need for it to be imported in the organism.
  5. There are some concerns that the usage of fluoride in the water is related to many health issues, starting with arthritis, hypothyroidism and cancer up to Alzheimer’s disease and decreasing intelligence in children.


Source: Fluoride Action Network

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