The List Which You Need : 20 Free Things That You Need For Happiness

The most beautiful things in the world are not material things but people, places, images and smell. Maybe it seems to you that everybody around you is unhappy and in bad humor, but a research, in which 2000 adults took part, showed that people are very optimistic.

More than half of the examinees said that for them the glass is always half full and 56% of them described themselves as happy people. More than one quarter of the examinees said that some small things might cheer them up.

Scientists have concluded that true happiness is in the small surprises because even 82% of the examinees said that the best things in life are those which are not expected at all.


These are just some of the numerous small things which bring happiness in everyday life:

– When in a middle of a rush you take several minutes only for yourself and spend them in silence.

– When somebody asks you: How are you?

– When a happy person smiles sincerely at you.

– Every moment you spend with your pet.

– When you leave water to birds and see them taking bath.

– When you put your hand in a pocket and or in your bag and find the money you had forgotten.

– When you go to bed and your bedclothes are soft and smell nice.

– Those few seconds after waking up when you do nothing before you get out of bed.

– When you buy flowers and plant them.

– When you wake up and see that is going to be a nice sunny day.

– When a kid on the street smiles at you.

– Long chitchat on the phone with a dear person who you haven’t heard from in a while.

– When you see that is raining outside and you will spend the day on the sofa reading book.

– When you pass in front of a kindergarten and you see children playing.

– Retelling funny events with your friends and laughing.

– The smell you like: fresh baked bread, mown grass, streets after a rain etc.

– Watching sunrise or sunset, full moon, sky full of stars and ever several minutes spent on a bench in the park with a view.

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