He Calculated How Much Money His Wife “makes” From Working As a Housewife And The Whole World Was Surprised By That Amount!

This article was originally published on Stephen’s blog and it was shared with the speed of light with millions of people in the world. So, the reason for that – many people have found themselves in it!

“I was thinking about it, but I couldn’t afford a nanny or a housekeeper…so my wife was forced to quit her job and to devote herself to their child and to all the housework. She was feeding him, changing his diapers every day, sing him a song when he was crying at night, and that was only the beginning!

Yes, she is a mother and it’s completely natural for her to take care about her child, but how you ever considered how much money you should pay if your wife is working”.

Stephen even calculated how much money would his wife’s work in the house cost, for 1 year:

  • Average nanny salary – $ 705 per week or $ 36,660 per year.
  • House cleaning – $ 50 to $ 100 each time, or $ 5,200 a year.
  • The service “Grocery boy” (who would buy groceries) – $ 65 each time, 4 times a week or $ 13,520 annually.
  • Cook – $ 240 per one week or $ 12,480 per one year.
  • Financial assistant (available budget, paying bills, etc.) – $ 15 per hour, 5 hours per week, $ 3,900 a year.
  • Organizing meetings (family dinners, etc.) – $ 75 per hour, 4 hours, 3 times a year, total – $ 900 per year.
  • Laundry – $ 25 per week, $ 1,300 a year.

The total sum for 1 year is $ 73,960.

“I really feel ashamed, because I didn’t buy her anything for this entire time. I really feel uncomfortable because she kept thinking that she spends too much money and wastes our money on nothing”.

“She really loves me and our son, of course, and that’s free of charge. And we must face it – their work is worth much more that the actual savings to hire a housecleaner or a nanny.”

“In this, kind of strange, way I wanted to express my deep respect for my wife, as a woman and as a mother to my son, my great support. She is worth more than all the diamonds in the world.”

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