Why You Shouldn’t Scare Your Cat With Cucumber?


This is very interesting question, why are cats so insanely afraid of cucumber? In the last few days, you’ve maybe seen a viral video compilation of cats freaking out after they have been scared by a very cruel enemy: the garden cucumber. In this video compilation, the cats are usually eating or sleeping, and their owners, quietly, sneak behind them and place the “horrifying” vegetable down and wait for the incredible response by their cats when they turn around and see it.

IFLScience reports that the cats have very fearful reactions. As the cat turns around and spots the vegetable, it loses its mind. It jumps in the air and gets away from it as fast as it can. This is probably because cats are surprised of having an unexpected object placed into their territory without notice. You can also try and replicate this experiment with some other objects or vegetables. Some animal specialists have other theories as well. They think that the cats might think the cucumber is a deadly snake or other predator.

But, according to the National Geographic report, animal experts think that the cat’s fright is more harmful than hilarious. Maybe the cucumber or other object is not stressful to us, but it’s stressful to the cat. They also think that the space around the cat’s food bowl is safe for the cat and you shouldn’t do these kinds of experiments. It can react by hurting itself, break something in the house or remain anxious for few days.

Let me ask you a question. You wouldn’t want to meet someone new by having them shoved right in your face, right? You’d probably want to meet them from a safe distance, such as a few arm lengths. The same is true with cats. It’s also true that each animal will respond to situations uniquely, as do human beings. So, the best thing for you if you have a cat in your home is not to scare it with cucumber or any other “scary’ object. You need to slowly introduce new toys and objects to your cat, as they’re a source of mental stimulation.


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