The Chicken We Buy Is Full Of Liquid Fillers And Chemicals!(VIDEO)

Rather than produce and sell pure chicken meat as most people assume they do, many conventional chicken producers inject all sorts of liquid fillers and chemicals into the meat prior to packaging it, all for the purpose of making poor quality meat appear and taste superior.

The worst part about plumping, though, is the fact that chicken producers can still label their plumped chicken as being “100 percent natural,” since this terminology is not properly regulated, and does not have a standardize legal definition.

For decades, the vast majority of our “fresh” chicken has been infused with a whole bunch of other substances, up to and including beef and pork waste. That’s bad news for Hindus, Muslims and anyone else who is choosing the chicken dish from the menu because contact with beef or pork is expressly forbidden by their religion.

The best way to avoid falling victim to the food industry’s chicken deception is to buy only local or specifically pasture-raised chicken meat. It is important also to make sure that the chicken meat you buy is organically fed.


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