This Is Why Scientists Urge You To Never Make Your Bed Again…

Making our bed is routine which our parents teach us  since we are little. This habit to make your bed right after waking up is probably the first thing most people do every day and even they do it unconsciously. However, we have some bad news for you. Scientists claim that this habit is extremely bad to your health.  


Maybe right now you are standing with your mouth open because you don’t want to believe in this, but trust us, there is a scientific explanation for this. Scientists discovered that tiny dust mites live in our beds. And not one or two, but dozens of them. These dust mites feed with skin flakes which fall of our bodies. The bed is perfect environment for them because when we sleep we provide moisture to them and our skin flakes are perfect food for them to survive and reproduce.

Dr. Stephen Pretlove in an interview for BBC said that there is no need for panic and that this problem has a very simple solution. He suggests us to leave our beds unmade because this will remove the moisture from the sheets during the day and the dust mites will lose their primary source of life and eventually die.

Dust mites are small microorganisms which can be very harmful to your health. They cause allergies and asthma which many people experience these days. They also may worsen some diseases and slow down the process of healing. So would you like to share your bed with millions of invisible bugs?

So next time when you get up just leave your bed as it is. You will get extra time for your other daily routines or 5 minutes extra sleep. Of course, this will be beneficial for your and your family’s health.


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