Scientist Confirms That Being in a Happy Relationship is Making You Fat

If you’re married or have been in a long-term relationship, someone over the years has probably half-joked about the weight gain they experienced in the first year or two (or ten). Some people chalk it up to a routine, some say they eat (and snack) more, others stop going to the gym and cozy up to their comfortable routines.

Whatever the reason, researchers wanted to know if relationship weight gain was a real thing – and apparently, it is. In recent years, two studies, in particular, suggest that the things you love most in life lead to extra pounds and love movements to prove it!

Can Marital Satisfaction Predict Weight Gain?

Some believe it can, but others aren’t convinced. Earlier research seems to suggest that people who are satisfied in and with their relationships are generally healthier. In other words, a happy wife, a healthy life. Researchers call this the health regulation model.

Researchers say this is because they have a desire to attract a (new) mate. Therefore, spouses that are satisfied with their relationship are actually less likely to watch their weight because they are aren’t looking to leave their partner – they’re happy and comfortable with how things have gone so far in their marriage.

Happy in Marriage, Heavier on the Scale

Another study spanning 10 years was published in February 2018 in PLOS One and collected data from 15,001 Australians. Researchers wanted to know whether people in couples were gaining weight more often (and possibly overweight or obese) than individuals.

From a bird’s eye view, lead researcher Stephanie Schoeppe and her team found that single individuals had an average weight gain of 1.8 kg a year, whereas couples had an average 5.8 kg weight gain. [3] But, why is this the case?

Whatever may the root cause(s), it’s important for people – especially couples – to create an environment that helps foster a healthy lifestyle. It may seem difficult, but it will probably increase not only the longevity of your relationship, but also your life. Click on one of the links to do it!


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