10 Tricks That You Will Help You Save Big Money! You Are Welcome!

The internet is a wonderful place which can show you how to repair stuff from the comfort of your own home. Here are 10 tricks that will save you thousands of dollars in simple repairs and won’t take much of your time:

  1. Sore throat remedy

Eat some chocolate alone or with a glass of warm milk to relieve the pain and treat sore throat.

  1. Use spaghetti as matches

If you need a light in a dark room but don’t have any matches, a piece of spaghetti will burn for a while just fine.

  1. How to make your CDs and DVDs work again

If you have important files on scratched CDs and DVDs, just rub a banana over to cover the scratches and make them work again.

  1. Eliminate water stains on your kitchen table

If you have water stains on your table that you can’t get rid of, apply a bit of mayonnaise, wait for 20 minutes, then remove it with some water. This will get rid of the stains just fine.

  1. Stop a fire in your kitchen

If a fire has suddenly spread through your kitchen, sprinkle baking soda on it and it will put go off immediately.

  1. Eco-sustainable speakers

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on speakers, just put your smartphone in a bowl and you will be surprised at how loud it is.

  1. Can rings

You can use rings from a can to hang pictures from the wall.

  1. VapoRub can stop your dog from biting your things

Everyone loves puppies until they see them chewing their furniture and tables. To prevent this from occurring, just rub some Vicks’ VapoRub on your things and the smell will keep your dog away from them.

  1. Prevent your shoes from dirtying your suitcase

Wrap your shoes in a bathing cap or a plastic bag to prevent them from making your suitcase dirty.

  1. Get rid of mosquito bites

Put some transparent nail varnish on the sting to quickly get rid of the itching.

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