“Generations in Glam: A High School Senior and his 92-Year-Old Great-Grandma Shine Bright at Prom”

Prom, a much-anticipated event, occupies the dreams of every student. For those not actively dreaming, they eagerly anticipate the chance to spend a splendid night with their dates and friends. It’s a golden opportunity for young boys and girls to revel in fun, dance, and enjoyment, marking a memorable chapter before bidding farewell to their school years.


Dakota Wollan from Watford City, N.D., was not particularly excited about prom night, unsure about who to invite to the special event. When the high school senior expressed his dilemma to his parents, his dad came up with a heartwarming idea.

Recognizing that Dakota’s great-grandma had never attended a prom, he proposed the idea of sharing this memorable experience with her grandson.

Dakota embraced the suggestion wholeheartedly, considering it an honor and foreseeing an unforgettable night with his beloved great-grandma. After a moment of reflection, he realized it was the best idea ever.


So, Dakota chose to make a heartfelt promposal to his great-grandma, utilizing the vintage 1985 Ford truck she had passed down to him. Craftily, he created a sign to pop the question, sharing the story with KFYR-TV.

Upon seeing the sign, the 92-year-old woman was taken aback. Puzzled, she couldn’t fathom why a young man would want to spend such a special night with an elderly lady. Madeline Miller, Wollan’s great-grandma, expressed her surprise, questioning why he would choose her over the many young girls in school.

Despite the initial bewilderment, she agreed. Dakota had made it clear that if she didn’t go, he wouldn’t either, leaving her with no real option. In an interview with the news outlet, Miller revealed that she had never attended a prom before, unsure if such events even existed in her time.

Explaining that she had only completed a year and a half of high school due to her father’s illness and farm responsibilities, this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover the essence of prom.

The big day arrived, and the pair was prepared to make the most of it.


As they entered the hall, they immediately captured everyone’s attention. Boys and girls couldn’t help but look at them, cheering in support.

“Walking beside my great-grandson, listening to this music as we walked and people clapping and hollering,” reminisced Miller about the night.

According to her great-grandson, the rest of the students were thrilled to witness their entrance.

“We walked out on the floor, and everyone just went wild,” recalled Wallon. The duo’s dance not only stole the show but also brought tears of joy to many eyes. What a remarkable and emotional evening!