This Remedy Will Help You Get Rid Of The Mice In Your Home Quickly!

Our home is an oasis of peace and the best place to relax after work. Many people come home tired and late, and the only thing on their mind is to relax in the comfort of their home. However, the peace can be broken by numerous pests, and rats and mice are some of the most dangerous and unpleasant ones. If you’ve had a mice infestation in your home you know how difficult the pests are to remove, but luckily for you, we have a simple remedy which will get rid of them in no time!

Mice and rats are the most dangerous pests you can have at home – they can reach every corner of your house and invade it in just a short time. It will start with only a couple of mice, but there’ll be hundreds before you know it. The animals are fast and very curious, so you will find them in every corner of your home.

Once they spread in your home, mice are very dangerous. They defecate and urinate everywhere including the kitchen, which can serious endanger your health. Their urine and feces contain toxic substances and can transmit dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis. This is why you need to eliminate them from your home quickly, and you can do that with the following remedy:


½ a teaspoon of white flour

½ a teaspoon of salt

½ a teaspoon of white plaster


Mix the flour with the plaster and add some salt, then put the mixture in a spot frequented by the pests. The rodents will eat anything they come across to, and will definitely love the mixture. As it is very salty, the mice will drink water to satisfy their thirst, which will harden the plaster inside their body and effectively eliminate them.

Try the method for a single night and you will see many dead rodents in the morning. Repeat the process for a few nights in a row, and you will definitely get rid of all the rats and mice in your house.

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