Prostate Cancer ? ”12 Early Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore”

Prostate cancer is very common disease in men and the worst part of it is that the symptoms don’t appear in the early stage. This makes many problems to doctors because treatment is more difficult in advanced stage and the chances for recovery are very low. This is why all men should do tests at least once a year as preventive measure.

However, prostate cancer shows some symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored.

Here is a list of the 12 most common symptoms:

  1. Problems with urination
  2. Frequent urination especially during nighttime
  3. Inability of urination or problem with holding back while urinating
  4. Inability to complete urination or weak urine stream
  5. Pain or burning while urination
  6. Blood in the urine
  7. Blood in the sperm
  8. Ejaculation problems
  9. Pain in the hips, thighs or lower back
  10. Pelvic distress
  11. Bone torment
  12. Erectile dysfunction

If you notice some of the abovementioned problems or some other unexplained pain, inflammation, burning or infection then you should visit your doctor immediately. He/she will send you to specialist.

Of course, don’t wait for the problem to happen but prevent it on time. Take some free time to visit your doctor at least once a year and do the needed tests. This will save you not only from cancer but also from some other diseases and problems. As well, pay attention to your lifestyle, eat healthy, exercise.

These symptoms are not always linked to prostate cancer and sometimes may indicate some other problem with the prostate and/or urinary tract, but in any case shouldn’t be ignored.

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