An entire airplane soothes a crying toddler by singing ‘Baby Shark’ in viral TikTok

Finally, a story about a baby on an airplane that will make your heart soar higher than a Boeing 737! In a new viral TikTok video, an entire airplane sings Baby Shark to a crying toddler—and it’s everything.

Parikshit Balochi was en route from his home in Dubai, UAE, to Albania for a backpacking trip. The toddler sitting next to him began to cry before the plane took off, because planes are big and loud and full of people and that’s a lot to take in for a tiny human! Balochi tells Insider that a passenger sitting behind him began quietly singing “Baby Shark,” and it caught on from there.

You can see that pretty much every single passenger on board is singing and clapping along, while the little boy looks around at everyone with a somewhat stunned expression on his face. Not only does this prove that “Baby Shark” is a universally-renowned song every single person knows by heart whether they have kids or not, but it also proves that not all airplane passengers are intolerant of crying kids.

How often do you see airplane stories that go viral because parents pass out “goody bags” full of candy and earplugs to fellow passengers ahead of take-off because they dared to have a baby on a plane? While the gesture is nice of course, it’s also kind of frustrating that parents are expected to be so proactive about the possibility of their children melting down on public transportation.

We live in a society. Airplanes are basically gigantic buses in the sky. We’re not entitled to a pleasant, spa-like experience on public transportation (though it would be nice), and whether we like it or not, small children and babies are also members of society. It’s rare to see patience and tolerance shown to children in situations like this, and it’s rarer still to see a collective group of people showing kindness like the “Baby Shark” Albanian flight chorus did here.

The singing trick must have worked, because Balochi posted a follow-up video showing a content and happy toddler mid-flight.


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♬ Baby Shark – Pinkfong

We love to see it—both a happy child and a plane full of people doing a nice thing for someone who needs it.