While the prescription antacid drug Omeprazole is considered safe and effective, the Omeprazole side effects might just surprise you.

Omeprazole is in the class of drugs commonly known as prescription antacids, but technically it’s known by the name ‘Proton Pump Inhibitors’ or PPI’s, for its effects on the acid generating ‘proton pumps’ of the stomach.

Sometimes when we talk about vitamins, we usually have in mind that we need to consume more fruits and vegetables!

But, unfortunately, some people abuse the supplements, which in most cases, are more counterproductive than beneficial. And, you’ll be shocked when we tell you that a vitamin deficiency, such as B12, can lead to problems such as dementia, neurological damage, anemia and other complications.

Or, you won’t even imagine that these problems are caused by well-known drugs such as omeprazole, widely used to prevent multiple problems, especially gastric reflux irritation or gastric protection against aggressive medicines.

However, a study just linked prolonged intake of this and other similar medicines with a lack of the vitamin.It is estimated that between 10 and 15% of adults over 60 are deficient in vitamin B12. For absorption from the diet (it is present mainly in animal products such as meat), it requires the normal functioning of the stomach, pancreas and small intestine.

Gastric acid is the key, it releases this vitamin from the food, allowing it to “combine” with certain proteins. So, if the stomach acid is reduced, which will happen if you consume too much drugs (omeprazole), this process won’t complete and the Vitamin will not absorb into your organism. This effect can cause many health problems.

A study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, has discovered that people who took daily medication omeprazole group for two or more years were 65% more likely to have low vitamin B12 who had not ingested these drugs for such a long period.

Those who were medicated with products of the second group also had a 25% higher risk of this vitamin deficiency. As the most dangerous doses, was found to take tablets daily 1.5 risk associated with a 95% higher compared to this deficiency when the daily intake was less than 0.7 pills.


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