Woman Ditches Demanding Fiance, Sneaks Out as He Insists She Pays the Restaurant Bill

On a Reddit post, a woman shared a disheartening encounter with her fiancé. In her narrative, she revealed that he had been mocking her for earning more than him. The situation took a particularly embarrassing turn when he insisted that she foot the bill for him and his friends at the restaurant.

The woman shared her frustration about her fiancé’s behavior regarding money. After receiving a 30% increase in her paycheck, her fiancé began using this as a reason to expect her to cover expenses for him and his friends. Despite her previous declarations that she wouldn’t pay for their meals due to his deceptive tactics, he continued to pressure her during a dinner with his friends.

During the dinner, he whispered to her that she would be covering the costs, leading to her angry response. Instead of causing a scene, she discreetly paid her own bill, excused herself to use the restroom, and then left without paying for their meals. When her fiancé tried to contact her later, she expressed her displeasure at being put in such a situation and accused him of conning her into paying for the group.

In response, her fiancé showed up an hour later, angrily calling her selfish, irrational, a cheapskate, and childish. They had a heated dispute, and he eventually left, needing to call his brother for help with the unpaid bill. His friends, although disappointed, avoided direct involvement in the matter but advised him to reflect on the type of woman he wants to marry.

The woman stood her ground against what she perceived as unfair financial expectations, leading to a significant disagreement between her and her fiancé.