Now We Know The Real Reason Aldi’s Meat Is So Inexpensive

Aldi has garnered widespread praise from shoppers in recent years for its ability to deliver high-quality items at affordable prices. While the grocery chain achieves cost-effectiveness primarily through selling its own store brand for dry goods, it also manages to provide customers with desired produce and meat selections. But what’s Aldi’s secret to maintaining such low prices on their meat?

First, a bit of history: Aldi supermarkets are not American but were founded by two brothers in Germany shortly after World War II. Karl and Theodore Albrecht opened their first store in 1946, inheriting their mother’s market in Essen, Germany. Today, Aldi is a well-known brand with over 10,000 stores across 20 countries, boasting a combined turnover exceeding €50 billion.

Twenty years into its journey, the company split into two entities: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. In the United States, these companies collectively operate around 1,600 stores. Interestingly, if you’re familiar with the popular grocery store Trader Joe’s, you may be surprised to learn that it falls under the same operation initially established by the Albrecht brothers.

Aldi maintains low prices by minimizing overhead costs. They keep stores lean by avoiding overstocking and emphasizing simplicity in products, which translates to fewer employees and managers. While Aldi may not stock the fanciest cuts of meat, they prioritize offering quality products that cater to most shoppers’ needs.

Furthermore, Aldi sources its meat from regional suppliers, meaning that farms in the vicinity of each store provide the meat sold on its shelves. By choosing Aldi, customers indirectly support local farmers, particularly when purchasing meat products from the chain.

Like many grocery stores, Aldi features daily deals, with Wednesday and Thursday typically offering the best meat deals. These days often present savings across a variety of meat products, providing shoppers with ample opportunities to save.

While Aldi’s meat selection may draw curiosity, there are numerous other reasons to shop at the chain. Aldi offers a diverse range of organic items, including produce and dairy products, catering to families seeking healthier options. Moreover, with its widespread presence across the United States, Aldi ensures convenient access for shoppers nationwide.

Although Aldi’s meat section may not boast the glamour of some competitors, it does provide customers with a robust selection at an affordable price point. This commitment to quality and affordability has contributed to Aldi’s popularity among American shoppers.

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