Heartbreaking Update: Tragedy Strikes Frank Fritz from American Pickers

At times, life leads us down unforeseen paths. Frank Fritz, a familiar face on television, found himself navigating personal challenges amidst his public persona.

This is his tragic story…

Diann Bankson stood as Frank Fritz’s steadfast partner for many years. His tumultuous divorce journey led him through struggles with alcoholism, unemployment, and health concerns. Despite their eventual parting, the time they shared together left an enduring imprint on both their lives.

Frank Fritz, renowned as the host of “American Pickers,” crossed paths with Diann Bankson when he was 25 years old. Their relationship evolved over time, culminating in an engagement in 2017. In 2018, they made a significant commitment by purchasing an Iowa farmhouse, where they began their shared life together a year later.

Their relationship took a sour turn in November of that year when Bankson alleged to have “walked in” on Fritz and discovered him in bed with another woman.

In a candid conversation, Fritz revealed feeling betrayed by Bankson, even mentioning that she got a tattoo to remind him of her betrayal. Despite this, he expressed a desire to still marry her.

“I was ready to tie the knot, I bought a house and an expensive ring,” Fritz disclosed after learning about Bankson’s affair that lasted for the past 2.5 years.

Fritz asserted, “She’s the one who cheated, which is why I got a tattoo that reads, ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater,’ to remind me not to make the same mistake again.” He also lamented the financial toll the relationship took on him.

Turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism for his broken heart, Fritz admitted to losing a significant amount of weight due to his drinking. “I gave it my all,” he confessed. “I tried drowning my sorrows in booze.”

After the painful breakup with Bankson, Fritz decided to take a break from dating while focusing on sobriety. However, his troubles extended beyond his personal life; he faced professional setbacks following his divorce. According to reports, he would no longer be hosting “American Pickers” on the History Channel after March 2020.

Amidst these challenges, Fritz cited health issues as the reason for his absence from the show, mentioning his intention to return once he had fully recovered from back surgery. Expressing eagerness to rejoin the program, he stated, “I’m ready to get back on the show now that I’m back to full health.”

Fritz claimed that while the show had not definitively decided on his return, a showrunner had assured him of his reinstatement.

Despite Fritz’s ten-year tenure on the show, TMZ reported that there are currently “no plans” for his return as a host.

In a further blow, Fritz’s former partner, Bankson, unveiled her new relationship with Eric Longlett, an engineering administration manager. She expressed her joy in a social media post, sharing a photo of herself and Longlett at an Elton John concert, captioning it with admiration for her new beau.

On July 4, 2022, Fritz was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. Found on the floor of his home by a friend, emergency services were called, with the 911 call stating, “he might be having a seizure, I’m not sure,” as reported by The US Sun.

While Fritz’s father, Bill Fritz, provided positive updates on his son’s condition, his rehabilitation did not progress as anticipated. Subsequently, Fritz was placed under guardianship and transferred to a nursing home upon his discharge from the hospital.

Rumors circulated that on August 18, 2022, a “longtime friend” petitioned for and was granted emergency temporary guardianship and conservatorship on Fritz’s behalf. The acquaintance was appointed as his guardian, with a bank entrusted to oversee his financial affairs as his conservator.

As Fritz’s conservator, the bank would oversee all payments to his care facility, covering daily expenses, health insurance, maintenance, and property taxes. They would also ensure appropriate transportation for activities and medical appointments.

His friend, serving as his guardian, had to submit an initial care plan for Fritz, and has been involved in decision-making since his stroke. This includes decisions regarding his living arrangements, healthcare needs, and encouraging his participation in activities, as well as maintaining communication with family and potential romantic interests. Additionally, the guardian is required to provide an annual report.

According to official documents, Fritz’s condition has deteriorated to the point where he is unable to make significant decisions for himself, posing a risk of physical harm or illness if left unattended.

The court concluded that Fritz necessitates a guardian to safeguard his well-being until he is capable of seeking treatment for his injuries and making decisions independently. The appointment of a guardian and conservator was deemed necessary to prevent immediate harm to Fritz.

This narrative is undeniably tragic. Our thoughts and prayers are with Frank Fritz for his health and recovery.

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