New Method Of Discovering Cancer Before it Activates Was Discovered by The Russian Scientists

This treatment is based on DNA testing and provides fast identification of cancer cells in the blood.

Russian scientists from the Russian health care facilities, made a huge step in the process of detection and prevention of cancer. Thanks to this new method cancer can be diagnosed before it starts to develop with a simple blood test.


This method is based on the Epy Jin Company’s technology – say the scientists from Novosibirsk.

It used the human DNA structure to discover cancer. This detection is possible with the exclusion of certain genes, which are activated when cancer appears in the body. They show that something is wrong with the body and enable the diagnosis of oncological diseases.

Only two or three molecules are enough for this test. A special ferment is also used to exclude the gene and determine the type of cancer.

This new method can be done in a less than a minute and the results are ready within few hours. It so simple that can be done in any health care facility by any doctor. Once when the blood samples are taken, the doctor extracts the DNA, adds the special ferment and waits for the reaction. The reaction determines the type of cancer.

This method is very effective because it is focused on the changes in the genes of the DNA and they are the first ones that change when some disease attacks the body. In this stage the disease is not activated in any way and there aren’t any visible symptoms.

This method is very helpful because in this phase it is very easy to treat and cure the disease than later.

The Russian media claims that this is a revolutionary method that will change the course of medicine.

It is very different from the tumor markers because the tumor markers are concentrated on the proteins in the human blood. The concentration of this protein is individual and that is not enough to give accurate diagnose. This test gives the exact diagnose and doesn’t require any additional tests or checks.

The most important thing about this treatment is that it is completely natural and uses small amounts of blood and special ferment to give the diagnose. The other tests use chemical methods which damage the healthy cells and may even speed up the development of cancer. This is why the DNA test is in great advantage before the ordinary tests.

This Russian method is very cheap and simple. Based on a single ferment and performed is test tubes makes it the most accurate test for cancer detection nowadays.

Epy Jin Company has patented this method and now it is even working on creating simple tests that will be sold in the drug stores and it will be used for self-check. These tests are still in experimental phase but we hope that in several years they will be available on the market.

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