Ever Woken Up Unable To Move? This Is What Is Happening To You


A lot of different people around the world have experienced and suffered from this strange condition. Have you ever felt this feeling – when you fall asleep or when you wake up, you try to turn on the other side, but you can’t. And you can’t move your arms and legs – like they are glued to your mattress. And then you realize and feel that something is moving in the darkness. That something is coming from the corner of the room and slowly going towards you. And you try to move, scream for help – but, you can’t talk. And some people have also experienced like someone is choking them – like they have someone’s hand around their neck. And all of a sudden you can move. You stand up and look for the “creature” that was in your room – but you can’t see anything. Have you ever felt this or been in this situation?

First, you should know that this awkward experience is also known as sleep paralysis and it’s one of the most frightening conditions. But, don’t be afraid and don’t panic, because there is a simple explanation behind this. Well, before the studies gave a good explanation of this condition, some people were saying and blaming the supernatural forces. And sometimes the devil and the demons were blamed for those frightening moments. But, that’s not true, because there is a scientific explanation for this. This condition usually happens when the person’s mind is awake, but the body is still sleeping. It usually occurs when people are falling asleep, but more often when they are about to wake up.

In this situation, the mind and the body are in specific point between dreaming and waking up. And because of that, all those weird things occur. The reason of sleep paralysis is natural because it occurs when you are in REM – Rapid Eye Movement sleep mode – when people are dreaming. So, you should know that the scary shadows in your bedroom aren’t real, and they are actually hallucinations. It’s because you think that you are conscious, but your mind is still dreaming and that’s why everything is more realistic.

And here comes the million-dollar question – how to make this conditions completely disappear? We can answer this for you, but first you need to give answers to the following questions – do you sleep enough? Are you anxious? Do you watch a scary movie before going to bed? It’s because all these causes and factors can cause sleep paralysis. So, you should try to get rid of the stress and relax before you go to sleep. This means that if you aren’t under stress, then you will have a good night sleep. But, if this doesn’t help you – then you should look at your family and medicinal history. Because you may be taking some medications, which is causing your problem or you may have a family history of sleep problems. You should consult your doctor, if you think that you can’t solve this problem.

Well, now you know what causes this sleeping disorder, also known as sleep paralysis. Now you know that there are no demons that want to destroy your life. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with your friends and family.


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