Negative Thoughts Can Rot an Apple – Imagine What They Can Do To Your Body

It’s an important psychological fact that our personalities and attitude towards life are largely constructed by the kind of thoughts we have. This is something all of us agree with as we have seen its effect on people in our lives.

Negativity in our minds corrupts our perception and forces us to feel badly about things. It prevents us from appreciating goodness and happiness and makes us cynical and angry at the world. This keeps growing and spreads throughout our body.

However, we do have the ability to reverse the damage.

Some Unique Experiments

Human beings depend a lot on other’s opinions about them. It reassures us since our thoughts are often too dark. A brilliant experiment of Masaru Emoto called ‘Secret Life of Water’ shows how different water containers reacted differently to different messages. Water molecules which were shown love and care made pretty designs when observed through the microscope, but molecules in containers shown hate and pain were very disturbed. This clearly depicts what an huge impact negative thoughts has on our brains as well as the whole body.

How Healthy Is Your Lifestyle?

Another similar experiment was posted by Lara Potgieter on Facebook where she used an apple to illustrate how two vastly different types of influences can affect one object. She tweaked her parameters a bit. She used two halves of an apple and put them in two separate but similar bowls. On these two halves she projected different kinds of art and lifestyle choices. On one she used meditation, compliments, art and positivity. On the other she used metal songs, popular trendy media, and several rude and insulting comments.

Lara Potgieter shared this image on her Facebook Profile.

The results were very shocking! The apple showered with positivity took a long time to rot whereas the other one did rot quickly and entirely.

Don’t Indulge in Hate

All these experiments show how badly negative thoughts and comments affect us. It is very important for us to analyse our thought process. In order to be healthy and to flourish, we must take part in good activities like wholesome art and healing techniques, meditation, exercise – all of which will improve our mood and health.

However, our society forces us to constantly think badly about ourselves and others. It is very hard to disconnect from the ugliness of the world so we keep feeling pity for ourselves. We do not actively try to make our lives better.

Pay attention to the food products we consume that comes from animals. These animals are kept in small enclosures, tortured, exploited and exposed to various harmful chemicals.

Similar situation is experienced by plants which are exported or imported for business. If our circumstances can have such a huge impact on our physical condition then it is really questionable whether we are eating healthy or not. This is why it is recommended to pray before eating to add a bit of wholesomeness to your food.

Scientific Evidence

In 1999, a professor of statistics from UC Irvine researched and wrote on how parapsychological techniques like distance healing and telepathy can effectively treat heart diseases better than regular treatment. It shows better effects than using anti-platelets. This has sparked interest within the scientific community and more experiments are being conducted regarding this discovery. If these speculations are indeed proven to be true then it will bring forth drastic changes in medicine and science.

Although we are constantly thinking and judging others and ourselves, we fail to realize how significant that is in our lives, to the point that it affects our mental and physical health. We need to consciously think positively and put enough importance on people’s perception of things.

Learn from your mistakes and others’ as well. Don’t resort to harsh comments and rudeness. Always try your best to remain happy, peaceful and positive. It is of utmost importance to take a situation and consider the good things about it rather than whining about the bad side.

Only we can save ourselves from getting rotten like those apples. So we should do everything possible to keep positivity alive within ourselves and thereby help our families and friends. Small steps will collectively bring forth a bigger and brighter change!