Only People With Above Average IQ Can Solve This Puzzle: Who is The Killer and Who is The Victim?

Police detectives often find cases that are difficult to resolve. This time the case came to young Detective Smith. This is the most complicated murder case that he has to solve.

In this case, 5 people were involved, who knew each other. One of them was killed. The murder happened with a gun. Someone shot him. To complicate matters further, the documents prepared by forensic scientists and other experts did not include the name of the victim or the killer. Everything that was written in the documents is that it is about some of these 5 people.

Detective Smith’s task was to find out which of these 5 people was the killer and who was the victim. Detective Smith was supposed to study all the people involved in the case individually, so that what he would find out would reveal the killer and the victim.

Help Detective Smith study the information he find out about each of the people involved in this case.


For this person John, Detective Smith found out that he is a tennis player who plays this sport as an amateur. He does not play tennis professionally. The day after the murder, John took part in a tournament and played with an opponent who had nothing to do with the case.


About this person Jack, Detective Smith found out that he lived on a small island, where most of the people there were engaged in fishing. Jack’s dream was to buy a sailboat and go fishing with it. Jack moved to the city where this murder has happened for about a year ago

  • Steve

About this person Steve, Detective Smith found out that he was a model and that he dealt with it professionally. He was such a narcissistic person. A few days before the murder happened, Steve posed in front of the painter Bill, who was supposed to make a portrait of him.

  • Bill

Detective Smith found out about this person that he was a famous painter. Bill said he should finish the portrait of Steve in 1 week.

  • Alex

For this person Alex, Detective Smith found out that he wants to learn to live in extreme conditions. For that purpose, shortly after his assassination, Alex traveled to Antarctica as part of an expedition with 20 scientists. Alex is in Antarctica during the murder investigation.

Here is some more information to help Detective Smith solve this murder investigation.

• One week before the murder, the killer broke his leg.

• Steve and Alex met 6 months before the murder.

• Alex and the killer have known each other since childhood. They lived in the same place in a big city.

Did you manage to find the real killer and the real victim? If it fails, read the answer below.

The killer is Bill, and the victim is Alex.

How did Detective Smith come to this conclusion?

We know about John that he played tennis the day after the murder, and the killer broke his leg a week before the murder, so if he was the killer he could not play tennis right after the murder.

We know that Alex was close to the killer, because they lived in the same neighborhood since childhood, so Alex could not be the killer.

We know about Steve that he met Alex a few months before the murder, so he can not be the killer either, given that the killer knew Alex since childhood.
So from the above, Bill and Jack remain suspicious.

Considering that Jack grew up on a small island and not in a big city, he is definitely not the killer.

Remains Bill. We know Bill’s supposed to be alive because he’s finishing a portrait of Steve. Thus we discover that Bill is the killer.

Let’s find the victim. Because Detective Steve knows that Alex, who is currently in Antarctica, John, who played tennis after the murder, and Steve, who poses for Bill, are definitely alive.

Definitive Answer: Bill killed Jack. In other words, the concrete answer to the question is that Bill is the killer and Jack is the victim.